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Stud farms and horses

Horse worth more than wealth.
Spanish proverb

Buying a horse can be a significant investment that should be fully protected. In this spirit, Patrim One has developed with its partners, exclusive insurance policies for horses and stud farms covering:

For the horses:

  • All-cause mortality, disease as well accidents and surgeries
  • Theft and illicit abduction
  • Public liability of the owner or of the horse’s caretaker
  • The individual warranty for the horse rider’s accidents
  • Refund of the veterinarian and surgery expenses
  • The horse’s permanent disability
  • Refund of the equipment : saddlery, bridles in cas of theft…

For the stud farms:

  • Buildings, equipment, merchandise for all the risks
  • Buildings for their replacement value (identical reconstruction)
  • Operating loss
  • Legal assistance